[EXTENDED TO 31/10] Fortune Fish, Oriental Wonderland 2023


Introducing ‘Oriental Wonderland’, an exclusive collaboration with Kandace of @story.bok, specially designed for Lunar New Year 2023. The collection consists FOUR designs – Dancing Dragons, Fortune Fish, Reunion Rabbits and a matching geometric coordinate. Available in SIX colourways, there is something for the whole family!

  • ETA ~END December 2022
  • Min order 1 yd; 1 unit = 0.5 yd; for 1 yard please select 2 units.
  • 1 yard of vinyl will ship as precuts of 2 x 0.5 yd.
  • IMPORTANT: If your order contains a preordered item, it will ship only when all items have arrived. Please cart out preorders and ready stock separately for faster shipping.

What are custom prints?

These are designs that are specially produced by us. Some artwork is created in-house, while others may be commercially licensed art with a cap on production. Essentially, it means that our custom prints are available in very limited quantities. What’s left after preorders (presently, this happens exclusively in our Insiders’ Facebook group) are listed for retail.

A custom printed fabric is unique; after all, what’s the fun in having what everyone else is having? If this speaks to you, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

All our custom printed fabrics are pre-washed and pre-pressed in production. Which means that you can get started on your projects right away without worrying about shrinkage, yay!
[KNITS, 150cm wide]
  • Cotton Jersey, 220gsm
    Our cotton jersey is 95% cotton, 5% spandex and has ~50% 4-way stretch. It is an ideal weight for t-shirts, shorts, and dresses.
  • Bamboo Jersey, 230-240gsm
    Our bamboo jersey is 95% bamboo, 5% spandex and has ~50% 4-way stretch. It has a softer hand compared to cotton jersey, and has excellent drape and recovery. Silky to the touch. the bamboo fibers bring a natural silk-like sheen to the jersey. Ideal for patterns that require drape and flow, especially wrap dresses.
[WOVENS, ~142cm wide]
  • *Cotton Twill, 150gsm
    It has a similar hand feel to the quilting weight cottons that most are familiar with. Twill has a characteristically diagonal weave and sturdy construction, which makes it a suitable fabric for a wide range of projects, such as shirts, shorts, pants, dresses.
  • *Rayon, 140gsm
    Lightweight, breezy and flowy, our plain weave rayon has a softer and cooler hand compared to cotton twill, and a lovely drape. Our 100% rayon has a slight springy quality to it, due to the way it is produced. It is well-suited for patterns that require drape and swish, such as maxi-dresses and circle skirts. Its softness also makes it ideal for children’s clothing.
  • *Cotton Canvas, 250gsm
    A sturdy canvas made with 100% cotton, this material is ideal for bag-making and upholstery projects from tote bags and backpacks, to placemats and cushion covers.
  • Vinyl (~1mm thick)
    Our vinyl comes with a matte, cobbled surface and a fabric finish on the reverse. This material is suitable for bags and upholstery projects. Tip: You’ll need at least a 90/14 needle to sew this with a stitch length of min 35mm.

*For cotton twill, cotton canvas, rayon: The fluffed edge of the selvedge is trimmed during production to prevent damaging the printhead. The trimmed fabric then undergoes pre-washing and pressing, which means that some fraying will be observed along the raw edges. During cutting and packing, we neaten the ends as much as possible before shipping it to you.


F1 Baby Oat, F2 Oatmeal Watercolour, F3 Blush Peach Watercolour, F4 Cadet, F5 Deep Red, F06 Baby Weldon

Fabric Base, per half yard

COTTON jersey, BAMBOO jersey, COTTON Twill, Rayon, COTTON Canvas, Vinyl


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