Decorative Knitted Elastic Bands, (30mm) 3-yd bundle


These pretty knitted elastic bands are soft and pliable, with excellent stretch and recovery. Each coloured elastic strip is 5mm wide, and they are held together with fine, gossamer-like threads to create the illusion that they are suspended in mid-air!

Show off these pretty bands as an exposed waistband, shoulder straps, or decorative trim on the hems of skirts, dresses, tunics… wherever your imagination takes you! These knitted elastic bands are flat and have a slim profile (just ~1-2mm thick) and have the advantage of creating finishes that are less bulky.


  • Exposed waistbands, decorative trim on skirts, tops, dresses
  • Shoulder straps on tank tops, overalls
  • Band is 30mm wide, each coloured elastic strip is 5mm wide
  • Excellent stretch and recovery
  • Available in 3-yd bundles¬†
Weight0.05 kg
Available in 3-yd bundles:

Pink Ombre, Mono, Neon Candy, Neon Pink


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