MADEIRA Overlockbox 3+1 Black & White (Art. 9200)


The best-selling main colours of the popular Aerolock and Aeroflock are now available as 1,200 m/1000 m Miniking cones, combined in a compact box with a total of 9 cones of Aerolock and 3 cones of Aeroflock.

MADEIRA Aerolock No. 125 Overlock Thread is a premium quality overlock thread for hard-wearing and clean seams. This is a high-quality core yarn with bundled continuous filaments for tear-resistance and fibre coating for outstanding smoothness. Guaranteed durability, even with frequent washing and exposure to stress.

Box set includes: 

  • Aerolock 1200m: Black #8000, Pearl Grey #8100, White #8010 – 3 cones each = 9 cones
  • Aeroflock 1000m: Black #8000, Pearl Grey #8100, White #8010 – 1 cone each = 3 cones
  • You can create perfect, color-matched coverlock and overlock seams with the provided 3 Miniking spools Aerolock and 1 Aeroflock
  • Aerolock is a high-quality overlock thread for long-lasting seams
  • Aeroflock is a voluminous and fluffy overlock thread suited for elastic requirements such as lingerie, sportswear, and swimwear

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions25 × 15 × 8 cm


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