MADEIRA, Neon Lights


These traffic-stopping NEON colours are a sight to behold, and will easily complement most fabrics!

Each bundle consist 4 spools. Available in Aerofil Sew-All, Aerolock & Aeroflock.

MADEIRA Aerofil No.120 Sew-All Thread is an all-purpose, high-quality sewing thread for all fabrics and seams. Suitable for domestic sewing machines and works best with a needle size of 80/12.

  • Made of 100% strong polyester core spun
  • Suitable for stitching with the sewing machine and by hand
  • High tensile strength and optimal sewing performance without fiber lint and seam crimping
  • Excellent sewing properties such as elasticity, strength, and glides through fabrics knot-free

Tired of running out of thread in the middle of a project? This 400m spool produces an average of 80,000 stitches.

MADEIRA Aerolock No. 125 Overlock Thread is a premium quality overlock thread for hard-wearing and clean seams. This is a high-quality core yarn with bundled continuous filaments for tear-resistance and fibre coating for outstanding smoothness.

Guaranteed durability, even with frequent washing and exposure to stress.

  • Made of 100% strong polyester core spun
  • Thread weight: 125
  • Kingspool: 2500m
  • Aerolock is sturdy and works perfectly on all sewing, overlock and coverstitch machines


MADEIRA Aeroflock is a soft, fluffy looper thread for the overlock machine. Ideal for elastic seams on underwear and lingerie, sportswear, swimwear and gym wear, Aeroflock is perfect as an overlock thread for wool and knitted fabrics. 

Guaranteed durability, even with frequent washing and exposure to stress.

  • 100% polyester textured
  • Thread weight: 100
  • Miniking: 1000m
  • Disruption-free sewability, even on sophisticated multiple overlock machines
NEON Lights

Aerofil, 400m set, AeroLock, 2500m set, AeroFlock, 1000m set


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